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  • Pallet Crate
    RSS-33.33 kg bales, 36 bales into a pallet crate of 1.2 MT, 19.2 MT per FCL TPC 1x, no.1 no.2, no.3 & 3xbrown 25 kg bales in 800kg pallet, 16 MT per FCL.
  • Shrink Wrapped Units
    RSS-33.33kg bales, 36 poly wrapped bales are shrink wrapped, each unit weighs 1.2 MT, 19.2 MT per FCL. TPC 1x, no.1 no.2- 25kg bales are shrink-wrapped, each unit weighs 800kg, 16 MT per FCL.
  • 5 Ply Corrugated Cartons
    83.33 kg 5 ply corrugated cartons are used for packing various colors of sole crepes.
  • Drums
    Centrifuged latex is filled in a 205kg steel drum, 80 drums to a container, and 16.4 wet MT per FCL.
  • Polypropylene Bag
    TPC no.1 to no.3- 50 kg bale in a polypropylene bag.
  • 3 Ply Kraft Paper Bags
    TPC 1x- 2x 25kg poly bags or 50 kg poly bags in a 50 kg paper bag.
Sole Crepe

White Colour
Honey Colour
Black Colour
Brown Colour
Any other Colour
Centrifuged Latex 60% DRC

High / Full Ammonia
Low / LATZ

Other Specialize Products

SLR – 20
RSS (Ribbed Smoked Sheet)

Rss 1
Rss 2
Rss 3
Rss 4
Rss 5
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