Our Journey  50 YEARS IN RUBBER


A small step taken by our Founder in 1966 has metamorphosed into a giant leap today. Our driving force was a strong faith in our own ability to take on big challenges and pride ourselves on seeing them through. This admirable trait has come to be the key energy that has driven us forward year on year for ALMAR to be a leading business conglomerate in Sri Lanka today with a turnover of approximately 50Million US$.

The efforts then cantering around the business and economic climate of the Day was focused on commodity trading. The major share of the business being In the field of export of natural rubber in the form of sheets particularly to China. The manner in which Almar transformed its rubber business unit from this beginning to what it is today is an admirable achievement.

The liberalization of the Sri Lankan economy provided ALMAR the opportunity to move ahead taking on even bigger challenges. Responding to the new business environment we formed a new business entity ALLY WEERASINGHE LTD for the manufacture and marketing of Granite.

By moving into entirely new business sector we were able to display our ability to take on bigger challenges and pride ourselves on seeing them through. The granite operation took the national leadership positioning and the extensive granite work that adorns Sri Lanka’s picturesque parliament building in the center of the lake is testimony to the quality of the product and service delivered.

The entity of the second generation sibling into its business in 1985 saw the energy behind the organization driven by its ability to take on bigger challenges and pride ourselves in seeing them through increase in intensity. The rapid diversification of the rubber business saw the transformation from an exporter of sheet rubber to the manufacture and supply of high quality centrifuged latex. we supply Natural rubber to global industries such as Tyre Makers, Shoe manufacturer, Glove & Condom factories, Sports good good manufactures etc….Almar is an approved supplier to Michelin, Good Year, MRF,CEAT and Apollo to name a few. Parallel to these development the company sought fresh challenges in new business categories by diversifying in to the manufacture and export of toys, the blending packaging and export of tea. mini hydro power generation, the production and marketing of energy briquettes and the production of cement packaging for international cement manufacturers such as Holcim,Lafarge,UltraTech,Tokyo Cement.

We accept challenges and pride ourselves in seeing them through.